What Will Your Kids Remember About You?

The Sandwich Lady

Yesterday Bob and I finalized our will, a task that was long overdue since we are both in our late 50s (although both in great health). Along with the four-inch-thick binder that specifies how our assets will be divided once we are gone, our estate plan includes something more: a 45-minute-long audio of us sharing our personal histories and our philosophies towards family, work, money and other big topics.

Our attorney told us that this oral record, which she called the “priceless conversation,” was as important as the estate plan. It would help our children remember our voices and the details of their ancestries: our parents and grandparents’ names and birthplaces, our memories of where we grew up. But it would also give them our thoughts about our priorities and values, our hopes for their own futures, and how we would like them to remember us. In turn, maybe it…

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